30 Derpy Dog Bloopers and a Chance to Win

Posted on Oct 9, 2016
30 Derpy Dog Bloopers and a Chance to Win

Working with animals is always unpredictable, that is the one thing you can rely on consistently. I am diligent about our shooting process, which involves putting the animal’s comfort first and the photography part second. That being said, the fact that we are prepared to handle any situation doesn’t necessarily mean funny and downright hilarious things won’t happen on set. In fact, they do, all the time.

I keep a folder called Gag Reel and this is where all the funny outtakes from our shoots go. From derpy dogs, to cats who forgot how to cat, and perfectly timed photos. With so much serious stuff going on out there in the world, I wanted to share a lighthearted and smile inducing part of our job: the bloopers, the outtakes, the photographs that otherwise never see the light of day. 🙂

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“Ready? Set, go! wait… which way are we going?” | OllyDog 2016 shoot


“Ugh… fine, we’ll do it your way. But mine was totally better!” | OllyDog 2016 shoot


“Nailed it!! oh… wait, the product was not facing the right way, LOL!” | OllyDog shoot 2016.


This was Phantom’s face when his mom was telling us about his friends being a lot taller than him. | OllyDog shoot 2016


“Is this, is this too close?! This is fun!!” | OllyDog shoot 2016


Mojo’s idea of Tough Mudder for Labradorks | Holiday Mini Session 2016


When we asked Glory if she raided the kitty litter box when mom is at work:  “naaaaaaaaawwww” | Earth Rated shoot 2016


Only a dog “nose” what makes a good photo. | Earth Rated shoot 2016


“Wait, did I set the self-timer right? I think… aw crap.” | Earth Rated shoot 2016


Origo gets into Princess Bride character by reciting the famous lines: “Hello, my name is Origo… er, Inigo Montoya, you kill my father, prepare to die.” | 2Hounds Design shoot 2016


“Señorita! I say drop those cookies!” | 2Hounds Design shoot 2016


Origo found it hilarious that his brother Calvin had to wear a pink harness for a few photos. “Dude, that’s pink! LOL” “Laugh it up bat ears…” | 2Hounds Design shoot 2016


When your younger sister pulls a derp face behind you while you are talking about something totally serious and important… | Portrait Session 2016


What happens when the photographer and the two models all epically fail at communicating with one another. | 365 Dog Hikes shoot 2016


Corbin’s favorite game: bait dorky sister into unrehearsed watery descent. | 365 Dog Hikes shoot 2016


“Look ma! fish lipth!” | 2Hounds Design shoot 2016


Corbin forgot his photo assistant role the minute that bag of treats was opened. | 365 Dog Hikes shoot 2016


Emma can be described as “spring-loaded with enthusiasm”. “OMG mom! We are totally modeling!” | 2Hounds Design shoot 2016


It takes mad skills (and killer treats) to create perfect yo-yo drool art. | 2Hounds Design 2016


Crush says “gravity? ha! I don’t know that word.” | 2Hounds Design shoot 2016


Who says dogs can’t blow a raspberry? pffffffffffbbbbt! | 2Hounds Design shoot 2016


“Mmmmkaaay… seriously guys, who farted?!” | 2Hounds Design shoot 2016


“My name may be Badger, but my look is all Le Tigra!” | Earth Rated shoot 2016


Nine is a pro at “perfect timing”. A pro, I tell you. | 2Hounds Design shoot 2016


Go ahead, trot. You know you are hearing the Baywatch theme in your head right now. | OllyDog shoot 2016


That one time we thought Willow would be a great photo assistant during a portrait session… | Portrait Session 2016


Willow was enjoying not having to model a little too much, yet she could not fathom not being the center of attention. | Portrait Session 2016


Raise your hand if you have ever felt like this in life: “Ok! I’m ready! Oh crap, not ready.” | OllyDog shoot 2016


“Shoot, I forgot my glasses. What does that cue card say?” | OllyDog shoot 2016


“Here Ma, this is how treats bags work…” | OllyDog 2016

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_plb5517Willow would clearly rather be anywhere else other than in a car with two stinky boys. What do you think the caption for this outtake should be? Share your caption for a chance to win!



  1. Mama Linda
    October 10, 2016

    Peeeewwww… so glad I’m not a gym rat.

  2. Alta Anzalone
    October 11, 2016

    Come on boys, don’t you know “locker room” talk is so out right now?

  3. Kristen Beitzel
    October 11, 2016

    “Oh geez here they go bragging about their matching facial hair again.”