Our Wishes for You and Yours this New Year

Posted on Dec 30, 2020
Our Wishes for You and Yours this New Year

It’s been a rough year on us all. Regardless of what color glasses you view this past 2020 year with, here at The Labs & Co. HQ we have a simple saying for the end of the year, and this one is no exception.

Take all the good with you. Find gratitude, especially in the little things. Learn from the bad and ugly. Let go.

Sharing a time-lapse of our holiday card this year, in hopes that it may bring you some joy and a few words to focus on as you close your eyes to 2020 and open them anew in 2021.

Willing into existence all of this and more, weaving a kinder “new normal” for all humanity and for nature.

All our love and friendship,

Bill, Nat, Willow, Artemis and Leeloo (and Corbin from the night sky)