Pairing our photographs with beautiful typography has been a signature staple of our work from the very beginning. Whether using our own original writing or quoting great authors, we believe words can double their power when set against a memorable image. Many of these marketing pieces have gone viral, some have been stolen, used without permission or copied, but what can be said for sure is that they ended up striking a chord with audiences and helped in promoting an important message, or service as well as serving as a starting point for conversations.

Want to share one of these pieces on your blog or social media channels? Get in touch and we can provide a share-friendly file for you. We care a great deal about crediting sources and authors and taking care of everyone’s creative rights, and we think everyone else should too.

ART DIRECTION: Natalia Martinez + Bill Parsons

COPYWRITER: Natalia Martinez (all original writing for the Lessons Applied is ©The Labs & Co. and may not be used or reproduced without permission. Be nice, don’t steal.)