I would love to have my dog/cat photographed! How does it work?

First thing to do is get in touch and tell us about your dog/cat. The more we know about them, the better we can cater the photoshoot to their unique and wonderful selves. We will ask you about your portrait wish list; if you don’t have one, we’ll help you put it together. We want to immortalize all those amazing things that make your relationship with your companion animal what it is.

We like to work wherever your dog/cat feels happiest, whether that is out in nature (our specialty) or cozy at home, we put their comfort level above anything else.

We bring the same attention to detail and professionalism to our portrait clients as our commercial photography clients. We take our time to make everyone feel comfortable and safe with our gear and presence and make sure the experience is fun for everyone.

If you decide we are a good fit for you, we book a date for your shoot; we send you a Welcome Pack from The Photo Lab, which includes everything you need to know to prepare for your session, yummy items to get you inspired and a pre-stamped envelope for you to send back to us with your session fee and signed documents. Finally, together we choose a location for your session.

If you don’t have a specific place in mind for your portrait session, we can always recommend one depending on your dog/cat’s needs and personality. We believe the best light to photograph in is during what we call the “magic hour,” either early mornings or around sunset. The benefit to early morning shoots is the quiet, peaceful setting and having fewer people/other dogs around that could be distracting for your dog.

My dog/cat has special needs (is fearful/shy, does not like other dogs, etc.), can you still photograph him/her?

At the core of who we are as animal photographers, is a deep understanding and respect for our subject. Every animal is an individual and we taylor the experience to fit their needs and personality. We are at all times tuned in to your pet’s body language and will never push them beyond their comfort level. Ever. It is crucial for us that your dog/cat have nothing but a positive experience in our company, so we take our time, make sure everyone is comfortable with our gear and presence and work with what they have to offer. We have photographed a wide range of personalities throughout the years, and our background in animal behavior and cognition makes us uniquely adept to working with animals on a whole different level. The more you tell us about your dog/cat’s personality/needs, the better we will be able to serve you and create a portrait of that companion animal we know you love, regardless of whatever needs they may have.

My dog/cat does not have much time left (because of age or a terminal illness), can we book a session on short notice?

This is the session we drop everything for and meet with you at your earliest convenience. We are proud members of Sarah Beth Photography’s Joy Session group and provide a special, shorter portrait session package for friends we will soon need to say goodbye to. Need to book now? Get in touch to learn more.

Can I be in the photos with my dog/cat? What about my family or other pets?

Absolutely! Even if you are a little shy and want it all to be about your pet, we do recommend being in at least one photo with your dog/cat. Why? because time passes, life goes by fast and when they are no longer with you, those photographs will mean the world to you. Our basic portrait session fee covers up to two pets and a small family group (optional).

I hear you shoot with real film, is this true?

Yes! For our standard sessions, we use our lovingly nicknamed “beast” of a medium format film camera in conjunction with our workhorse digital camera. It’s just a little something extra that makes our portrait sessions unique.

How long till I get to see my images?

After our shoot, if applicable, we send our film to get processed and we get to work on your photographs. We have rough turn-around of two weeks before we schedule our proof appointment with you. We are a little old school and find beauty in the tangible, so the first time you see your photographs, you will be able to touch them too. Every portrait session includes web-friendly (not for print), watermarked digital files of your photographs to share with family and friends via email or social media.

I have to ask, what are your prices?

Our creative fee for a standard portrait session (up to two dogs/cats) is $400 on a weekday (+$65 for weekend sessions). We offer special pricing for aging/terminally ill pet sessions. With a range of fully custom product collections, most families spend between $1100 to $4000. We accept cash, check as well as all major credit cards.

I’m ready to do this! Where do I start?

Get in touch! Let’s Go Have Coffee and tell us about your dog/cat’s story.