I am in need of a professional animal photographer for my commercial/editorial project. Someone who can work on tight turn-arounds, collaborate with a creative team and help make the process as smooth as possible. What’s your process?

We are your team! Once you have reached out to us to tell us more about your project, we will create an estimate based on your budget for the project. Once our estimate has been approved, we begin the process of putting the shoot together including casting for models (canine/feline and human) if applicable, location scouting, coordinating the team and putting a schedule together for the big day. We are seasoned in working with advertising and PR agencies as well as magazines, and we are efficient without sacrificing quality or the comfort level of any animal or person. That is what makes our work stand out. People and dogs have been known to have a great time during our shoots, we believe working hard pairs very well with playing hard too.

Do you only specialize in outdoor/adventure, active lifestyle photography of dogs or can you produce studio work if asked?

Though outdoor/adventure is our specialty, we are trained professionals and are ready to handle photographing in any environment, whether it be a studio or a home location. We bring the same approach to each location and are able to provide a range of images. We are uniquely adept to photographing in the wild, because we live that lifestyle with our own pack, but that’s only the beginning of what we can offer you.

What happens after the shoot, when can I expect to have the images ready?

We work with your timeline. If you have a tight turn-around, all we would need is a hard deadline from you and at least two days (depending on the project) to edit and process the work. We will then deliver the images to your specifications provided all contracts have been signed, ownership and rights have been established and payment has been processed.

Just to get a rough idea, what are your prices?

Each project is different with its own set of specific needs and we take all that as well as your budget into account when creating an estimate. Our creative fee aside, projects are typically priced based on usage/licensing and may include expenses. Let’s chat about your project and get a more specific idea of a good number for you.

I would like to license some of your images. Do you offer your work for stock usage?

Why, yes we do! In fact, we are in the process of creating a premier library of stock animal photography. While that is cooking, you can sign up to be notified when it’s ready and receive a pack of 10 images to get you started. If you see something on our work galleries that you are interested in licensing, look for the “License Me” banner and click to get in touch about licensing.

I would like to work with The Labs & Co! How do we get started?

Call us, email us, get in touch and be ready to tell us more about your project, including your budget, timeline, image wish list and specific use of the images. Let’s get to work!